WORLDSHIFT is a non-profit evolutionary-centred online initiative with a purpose to inspire and support socio-political, cultural, economical, ecological and environmental change, and the co-creation of a conscious and regenerative new paradigm that is founded upon peace, restorative justice, sustainability, compassionate action, conscious communication and conscious evolution. WS offers itself as a platform for co-evolving positive approaches and solutions that can facilitate a significant shift not only within the Self, but also a world shift in terms of the transformation of anti-humanitarian, anti-ecological, anti-social, degenerative and non-altruistic systems.

Conscious Evolution and Conscious Activism are central components to the infrastructure of WS along with enlightened and compassionate action to encourage the awakening world to expand its horizons and focus on what most needs attention now within ourselves and in the world.

One of the key aims of WS is to inform, educate and encourage people to take small steps that collectively lead to a giant leap forwards in regard to establishing a world in which all life forms thrive. As a humanity, we need to address the fundamental questions that confront us in regard to the future of all species in order to respond appropriately, consciously, mindfully and effectively.

The world is almost at the point of no return. Yet, as we teeter on the very edge of a tipping point into chaos, destruction and extinction, at the same time, we are also standing on the very threshold of the most significant moment in the history of humankind. Now, we must do all that we can to transcend an old and obsolete world that is rooted in a love of power and instead co-evolve a conscious new paradigm that is founded on the Power of Love.

Together, as a unified and visionary collective, we can apply wisdom and understanding to the crisis of meaning that pervades the collective consciousness and the crises that we face as world.

At this point we can leave nothing to chance: Every choice that we make and action we take must be a conscious, inspired and enlightened one.

WE were born for these times.

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