Dearest ♥ Friends,

I wish to share some news with you that is very close to my heart.

On 22 May at 22:22 Universal Time, WORLDSHIFT was born.

For nine years, I have sought to launch WORLDSHIFT, yet at every turn it seemed my way was blocked. Lack of funds was a primary cause, but also a conscious choice on my part to step away from my Work in order to care for my mum in her hour of greatest need – a tragic period of time that lasted for five years.

So, because I had no way of creating WS, I put my vision on hold and eventually shut it away in a room at the back of my mind. However, the crisis the world is facing, combined with my intuitive understanding of the unprecedented potential we now have to change history and emerge as an awakened humanity in a new paradigm, was always at the forefront of my mind. However, still I came to the conclusion that perhaps, after all, my vision of WS was just not meant to be.

Then just over a month ago, I experienced another powerful surge of energy around the manifesting of WS. I decided to give it one last shot by placing a comment beneath one of my Facebook posts calling for a highly skilled web designer. There was only one response: A fb friend who recommended her partner, Tom Wanstall. I got in touch with this web genius and straight away we began working on bringing WORLDSHIFT to life.

At the same time, I also reached out to someone who had interviewed me in 2012, James Doshin Benton. Throughout the years of trying to get WS off the ground, I had always planned to contact James and ask him if he would take on the podcasts and recordings. This was because out of all the radio interviews I have given, the one that most stood out in my memory was conducted by James under his label ‘Archaic Drum’. His voice and style of interviewing are unique. So, after having no contact for seven years, I tracked him down and asked if he would be interested in taking on the role, and he immediately agreed.

Something especially important to mention is the passing of three soul family members this year and the profound impact this has had on my life. The first was the death of one of my dearest and closest friends, the poet-philosopher Jay Ramsay. The second was the sudden and unexpected departure of Barbara Marx Hubbard, a like-minded friend and colleague. Finally, Polly Higgins, the ‘Lawyer for the Earth’, passed into the next world in a shockingly rapid way only three weeks after discovering she had an advanced terminal illness. The loss of these extraordinary lights who were so deeply committed to their worldly purpose really drove home an existential message to not waste a single day, as we simply do not know how long we are here on this Earth, and, personally, I wish to make every moment count.

Finally, I would like to share a brief but inspirational story: One evening about three years ago, when attending a small intimate dinner at the house of a friend and colleague, I recall speaking to Satish Kumar who was one of the guests. He told me of a “little dream” he once had, which he conveyed via a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. He received a reply from MLK urging him to make his “dream” a physical reality, which he did. I spoke to Satish about my own “little dream”, WORLDSHIFT, and he gave me the same advice. Three years later, I have finally managed to manifest my vision. And, of course, I shall be letting Satish know!

So beloved friends, this is the news I wished to share with you.

There is still a way to go to fulfil the many aspirations and intentions of WS.

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I hope you can take a moment to visit WORLDSHIFT to offer it your blessing as it finds its way in the world.

Always In LOVE,

Nicolya ♥♥

If you feel moved to offer a donation it would be appreciated beyond words because WS is a non-profit organisation and therefore entirely dependent upon donations to remain operational.

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