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The world is now confronted with the perilous 5G scenario, the threat of which not only humanity, but all of life are now facing. Scientists and doctors across the globe have called for a full investigation into its effects by independent specialists as 5G remains totally untested. Both go as far as to say that the millimetre waves it uses pose “a very real danger” to all life on Earth, and, for this reason, they are categorising 5G as “a Humanitarian Crisis”.

5G IS what is being widely described as an “extinction-level event”. Soon there will be nowhere to escape its effect as twenty-thousand satellites located in space will bombard the Earth with focused beams of intense radiation (5G frequencies). The scale of this global operation and the type of infrastructure that is planned for cities and towns is beyond anything imaginable. There is much more to say on the matter and much we need to do in order to protect ourselves, Nature and the Earth (and Space) from the devastating impact of 5G.

Added to this is another major concern – the new 60GHz WiFi standard ‘Wi-Gig’ being introduced this year as an upgrade to the current 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi. The latter entrains with, agitates, distorts and impacts water molecules – think of an operational microwave oven and what it does to a bowl of water – it cooks it. But 60GHz takes it one step further by entraining with oxygen – oxygen molecule resonance – and this has major implications for all life that has a respiratory system because oxygen is absorbed by the 60GHz frequency. So, not only is water manipulated, distorted and deconstructed from its original form (remember the average human being is 50-65% water) but because of 60GHz, the oxygen so vital for our health and survival will be monopolised, altered and radically reduced. Now active in Bath, England, UK, reports of breathing difficulties, heart palpitations and confused thinking are already being cited. 60GHz will most likely be called ‘Wi-Gig’, (as opposed to ‘WiFi’) – so you know what to avoid.

In 2016 there was estimated to be over 6.4 billion wireless devices in use around the world. By 2020 this figure is predicted to soar to 20.8 billion. The only word that can be used for the impact of both short and long term exposure to 5G and 60GHz frequencies is ‘Catastrophic’. The effect of these degenerative waveforms and frequencies will create a health crisis on an unprecedented scale in both the human and natural worlds. Scientists have shown that if one were to wander into the full beam of the 5G frequency transmitting from a satellite receptor/cell tower, (and these are going to be situated in every road, village, town and city, so will be unavoidable), it can, literally, cook the eyeballs. Immediate victims of the 5G spectre are the hundreds of thousands of trees, some of which are ancient, being cut down across the world because they block 5G transmission from the cell towers. Homeowners can be forced to cut their own trees down if these are deemed to be obstructing 5G transmission.

The Australian Barrister and 5G Trail Blazer Ray Broomhall dispenses some crucial advice on 5G and EMR, and how to empower and protect ourselves as well as significantly support our counter-5G activities and campaigns.

Some of what he advises is as follows:

* Adopt ‘The Precautionary Principle’.

* Invoke the “Criminal Code” and “Criminal Liability” as governments cannot go against this because in doing so they become liable by inflicting assault on public health.

* Ask your local GP to confirm that 5G or local cell towers/facilities etc are safe. If they cannot ask to be referred to another doctor who can. Suggest they refer to/research ‘The Bio-Initiative Report’ – – and read ‘The Physicians For Safe Technology’ report –


– seek legal advice.

– Identify source of EMR emissions or proposed emissions.

– Identify site where emissions are radiating from (home/workplace/hospital/public transport, etc).

– Measure and record distance between you and an EMR device/facility.

– Identify the emitter, or proposed emitter,
the installer, pr company behind it, local council, the landowner, names of involved corporations, etc behind facility; for example directors of corporations who may be personally liable.

– Locate a ‘RFNSA’ type website for your country in order to identify and locate your local mobile communications tower and retrieve the EME report and compliance certificate, which will reveal the radiation levels/expectations from that tower. Check if it has been approved by the local council. Establish deadline for objection submissions.

– Collate and retain all correspondence between yourself and the emitter/proposed emitter for legal purposes.

– Obtain medical opinion as to if the EMR emissions or proposed emissions may pose a risk of harm to your health. If so, request that a medical advisor gives recommendations as to what to do to remedy the situation, for example non exposure etc. Provide GP with links to the ‘BioInitiative Report’ and ‘The Physicians for Safe Technology Report’.

– If emissions from existing installation, find witnesses (neighbours/friends/family etc) who can access reception in your own home from their own carrier, as this will prove you are being irradiated by EMR on your own property from other people’s carriers.

– Evidence is critical.

Here at WS we advise to keep all campaign activities centred on the “risk to/assault on public health” and “medical-health grounds”. This is where the law falls on the side of halting 5G.

Be informed. Stay empowered. Be safe. Stay free.

BioInitiative Report:

Physicians for Safe Technology:

RFNSA Website:


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