Experts are calling electromagnetic radiation (EMR) “The most dangerous toxin of the 21st century”. Hi-tech lifestyles and the resulting EMR exposure negatively impacts all life. There is a now an irrefutable correlation between environmental toxicity and compromised health and wellness.

In May 2015, over one hundred and ninety international scientists from thirty-nine nations, studied, researched and documented the risks associated with electromagnetic fields and wireless technology. They delivered an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organisation (WHO), seeking greater protective guidelines regarding chronic exposure to a saturated EMF/EMR environment. Over three thousand German doctors signed the ‘Freiburger Appeal’, a campaign demanding a policy for responsible safety limits, and in the Benevento Resolution, fifty international scientists specifically warned against chronic exposure to Wi-Fi systems.

The reality of living in a wireless world is evidenced by the unprecedented rise in sickness and life threatening diseases that are sweeping our planet. At an everyday level, hydration, energy, and nutrient uptake are significantly compromised; resulting in illness, imbalance, resistance to the loss of excess weight, and premature ageing.

A new paradigm in health, wellness and regeneration is one in which the synthesis of cosmos and earth, nature and science, biology and technology, contemporary psychology and awakened spirituality, all co-exist harmoniously in shared vision, values and ethos.

The ever-expanding electrical, digital and wireless systems of the old paradigm are rapidly proving to be causal factors in an increasing epidemic of global illness, disease, and disorientation, which affects not only people and domesticated animals, but, indeed, the whole of Nature.

The need for intelligent solutions to support a healthy population is all too evident. Effective counter-technologies that serve the highest good of all living beings are widely available, yet remain virtually unknown to the general populace. These are naturally sourced from the rich organic mineral and plant kingdoms and/or harness the energy and frequencies of the Earth and the Cosmos.

It is critical to avail ourselves of these now, if we are to reverse the devastating impact of wifi/digital technologies on our health, the health of our loved ones, (especially the young and our elders), our pets, our house plants, and the delicate eco-systems of all life on the planet.

Evolution itself propels us towards wellbeing, balance, integration, awakening and transcendence. Soulful solutions that serve wellness and regeneration and enhance and sustain all of life are instrumental if we wish to halt the exponential growth of imbalance, illness and disease that has, literally, gone viral.

This Page presents scientifically validated and affordable solutions that are designed to counter the effects of wireless radiation on our overall health and wellbeing. The book I am currently co-authoring with Prof. Ervin Laszlo has brought me into direct contact with some of the world’s leading pioneers of EMF/EMR counter-technologies.


Here we profile and feature just some of the most cutting-edge technologies for effectively helping to counter the detrimental impact of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies. Please note that products featured are exclusively developed by leading-edge scientists and inventors and are therefore not mass marketed or mass produced so the price reflects the cost the inventors/scientist have to pay in order to produce the products, some of which are hand made singularly, one by one. You will find a wealth of other effective devices, systems and adornments which can and will help protect you from electro-magnetic radiation and frequencies. All products featured have been personally tested by WS. WorldShift does not earn any monies through commission or any affiliate type situations, or in any other way, by profiling the following devices. These products are included because they work, and are shared in the spirit of the WS Foundation Stone for a New Paradigm’Non-Monetary Transactions’.


Calmspace Pro is the most comprehensive EMF protection system on the market today. The system consists of small devices that plug in to generate a beneficial natural holographic field throughout the entire building.

The heritage of the Calmspace Pro – its lineage – lies in the ground-breaking work we have been doing for 15 years: developing the means to enhance and stabilise people’s lives through working directly with the holographic fields of consciousness held in the human biofield.

What does Calmspace Pro do?

  • Gives you the support you need to be able to re-order and render coherent the scalar life-force energy surrounding you – on your own.
  • Strengthens your body’s innate EMF defence systems so that you keep your protection intact. Over time this protection should improve even without the system in place.
  • Helps every cell of your body to find grounding, through sympathetic resonance.
  • Also removes high frequency pollution known as “dirty electricity” from the mains and sends it to neutral, where it can be carried safely to ground, removing an element of stress (high frequency pollution has been found to lead to electrostress symptoms such as fatigue, hormone disruption, insomnia and headaches).



MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), is a proprietary, patented noise field technology that creates a subtle low frequency field that closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs.

The invention of the MRET Water System has it roots in 1986 when an expert team of scientists including Dr Igor Smirnov were sent to investigate the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. What they discovered was an anomaly within the affected perimeter: One group of individuals living within the thousand-mile radiation zone were found to be free of related symptoms and illness whereas others also living within the exclusion zone were suffering significant effects of radiation.

It transpired that the reason the former group remained unaffected was because they were drinking from the mountain spring that sourced their village. Smirnov explained: Radiation exposure leads to the development of different form of cancers. Radiation forces DNA damage of cells. Patients in this location did not develop related cancers (so far) due to the consumption of the spring water. This is significant considering that many of those who were exposed went on to develop cancers. The MRET Water System was tested in the laboratories of several leading universities around the globe and the findings of its efficacy have been published in scientific books world-wide on MRET research.

Europe – www.mretwateractivator.nl

USA/N America – www.giawellness.com/2/products/aqua-gia


The deterioration of our chronobiological rhythms is a result of the sea of electro-radiation that most of humanity now swims in. Dieter Broers’ second groundbreaking device is the ‘NFS 8’, (Natural Field Simulator), which works with the frequency of 8Hz, and has been proven to act as a counter-deterrent against electrostress and electro-pollution.

The NFS 8, which is worn against the thymus gland in the form of a pendant, affords protection against EMF’s, EMR’s, and other artificial and electro-negative energies. This device serves another important purpose in that it supports the function of the pineal gland and the role this plays in spiritual awakening. It acts as a magnet to draw natural life enhancing fields towards us from Nature and the Cosmos and then surrounds us with them.

Broers has also worked closely with Richard Neumann, founder of the Switzerland based natural solutions company, ‘Swiss Harmony’. Together, they have developed a second version of the NFS 8 cased in the same simple housing. This model contains an elaborately manufactured magnetic coil and electronic circuit that generates an 8-Hertz pulsed magnetic field. The frequency of the “Schumann Resonance”, is simulated while, at the same time, a system resonance at 10-kHz is emitted, reproducing the effect of what Broer’s terms as “beautiful weather sfherics”- (the phenomenon of pure blue skies and unbroken sunshine).

The effect of the original version of the NFS 8 is to strengthen its user’s condition due to the Schumann resonance frequency, which makes it easier to cope with the health hazards of EMFs. However, it does not fully protect the user from the negative influences associated with electro-magnetic radiation/frequencies etc., whereas the ‘bioversion’ (NFS 8 Bio) contains an additional carbon device built into the unit during production. This model supports the physical body to entrain with and adopt the harmonious vibration of the carbon device thus offering protection from non-resonant EMFs. It also strengthens the signal to the pineal gland while, at the same time, avoiding the hazardous influences of negative EMF’s and EMR.



Coherence of the heart and brain state optimises our ability to be able to fall asleep easily and to sleep well, aiding us to recharge and regenerate. In 2015, Scientist, Vera Brandes, devised a system for sleep founded on her philosophy and discoveries, which use music-medicine as a natural transformer to harmonically tune the body, mind and soul. Thus, the systems of the body are directed towards regeneration and healing and are able to support and activate all necessary mechanisms specific to each sleep cycle – an important pre-requisite for physical and mental wellbeing.

The music used is created especially for its rhythmic, aesthetic and tonal qualities and produces a comforting and easy listening experience. At the same time, it addresses the senses in a variety of ways, while transmitting specific sound sequences that have a beneficial neurological effect. These are embedded in highly complex sound-images that precisely match human chronobiology.

These special mechanisms were developed after twenty years of research and have been tested in large clinical trials as well as statistically validated. The end result is something unique and entirely different from music routinely used for relaxation and sleep. Brandes attaches great importance to working exclusively with new compositions in order to avoid any unintended associations or adverse memories that might otherwise be triggered. Studies have shown that brain-heart-coherence is directly connected with brain function and performance, especially when under stress. During sleep, this coherence prevents stress related bodily or mental disturbances and healing processes are positively supported. Her sleep system was found to directly impact parasympathetic regulation, which itself promotes heart-brain-coherence. This, in turn, positively affects sleep quality and many other necessary healing processes.

In the last twenty years, international studies have validated the effects of her method on the nervous system and heart. During sleep, hormonal balance is promoted and the immune system is strengthened. Therefore, music medicine specifically designed for sleep offers a greater potential for healing, wellbeing, balance, and relaxation. The body and psyche are strengthened and various day-to-day stresses are more easily tolerated. Vitality and resilience are improved, as is the overall quality of life, whether an individual is deemed to be healthy or unwell.

The Sleep device (developed by Brandes and her technical team) is exclusive to her music medicine system. Specifically composed music programmes have been recorded with Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT™). The SRT™ format has been especially adapted to meet her exacting standards and is based on the scientific insight that each physical system is penetrated and surrounded by energetic fields. When a system oscillates within the spectrum of its optimal frequency, it functions far better and allows for higher levels of human potential and performance. The system uses high digital audio playback without data losses, which results in the specific psychoacoustic effects necessary for audio stimulation. A direct current from an accu pack is used so that no forms of potentially harmful alternating electrical fields occur, which could disturb sleep. Brandes’ work offers an exciting insight into the vast potential of music medicine and reveals greater possibilities for its practical application.



Close to six billion people are using Cell Phones every day. In April 2017, an Italian court determined a link between cell phone use and the development of a brain tumor in a long-term employee of Telecoms Italia. The employee was awarded a monthly social security payment after it was established that it was the phone that was responsible. In 2012, Italy’s highest court recognized a link between excessive cell phone use and the same diagnosis in another individual. Yet, the telecoms industry has spent billions of dollars trying to convince governments, scientists, and, most importantly, cellphone users, that mobile phones pose no harm or threat to human health.

The Codacons Consumer Protection Agency (CCPA), a non-profit organization that works to protect consumers’ rights, reported that it was considering a class-action lawsuit based on the employees’ insistence that cell phones in Italy must legally carry a health warning. Similar efforts are already underway in other countries around the world. For example, in the USA, health advocates are pushing to make it mandatory for cell phone manufacturers to publish the radiation output of every cell phone on the device itself, and on the packaging.

The CCPA is also campaigning for the health risks associated with the use of mobile telephones to be recognized by Italy’s social security agency, therefore following the lead of some other countries where Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) is already officially considered and recognized as a serious health condition.

The Italian lawyer representing the Telecom Italia employee is also insisting that products to protect users from the effects of mobile phone usage are made readily available, including “specialized anti-radiation ear buds”. A ‘Mobile (Stereo) Airtube Headset’ that reduces exposure to radiation by ninety-nine percent, (see post below).

The GIA Cell Guard Case has been designed to neutralize the effects of your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), as well as to strengthen the resilience of your body’s biofield to stress at the same time. The groundbreaking technology powering each Cell Guard Case is now available for the following Cell Phone models: iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, X / Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus / LG G5.



Given the predominance of headphone/headset/earbud use with modern wireless communication technologies, this headset is essential for protecting against harmful EMR, and the impact this can have on the human brain and head. The links below explain more, and remember, if you order through WIAWW, you receive a 15% discount. These make an excellent, conscious holiday season gift. Pm or click ‘Send Email’ with any questions.

The AirTube HeadSet reduces exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by 99%. Patented technology utilises hollow air-tubes instead of EMR-attracting wires, (which is what conventional headsets use), and carries patented polymer material which has been proven to reduce the amplitude of hot spots caused by EMR-exposure by 90%, and reduce Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by up to 7 times the levels of statistical uncertainty. The head sets are also infused with proprietary, biofield-friendly Energy Resonance Technology.



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