WE Were Born For These Times

The World is reeling. Nature is bleeding. The heartbeat of life is pounding in fear. A rumbling of foreboding is rolling across the Earth. The oceans are choking with plastics and rubbish, the rocks are quaking due to the threat of fracking, the trees are being felled in their hundreds of thousands, the skies hijacked by chemical pollution and experimentation – ‘they’ are even trying to block the Sun. The animals are becoming extinct. Humanity is at the point of its ultimate fall … or Rise.

The alarm is sounding. The Spirit of is Life Calling … Urging … “Wake Up”, “Wake Up NOW!”

Never before has life on Earth been balanced so precariously on the very edge of a tipping point. In the words of Greta Thunberg: “Our house is on fire. I want you to act as you would in a crisis”. The world is in crisis – unlike any other time. Yet, the crisis also presents an unprecedented opportunity to co-evolve a new way of living, of BEing; a new Conscious Paradigm.

WE are in the eye of the storm – a state of emergency. Yet this too affords the most extraordinarily promising of outcomes – humanity’s emergence into a visionary new era. As the futurist Buckminster Fuller stated: “To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete“. We can co-create a new model, one in which the balance of Conscious Evolution and Conscious Activism go hand-in-hand, side-by-side, equal and instrumental to and for each other – a new model reflective of a consciously evolving humankind.

As 7.4 billion people we are not the “insignificant” microcosm but the overriding influential and effectual macrocosm who can consciously, mindfully, compassionately and wisely co-create a peaceful and sustainable world for humanity, Nature and the Earth.

Together, as a unified and awakened collective, we can effect a world-shift on a scale that would stand the test of time and so ensure that future generations in all the realms on this beautiful Earth continue to evolve and thrive.

WE were born for these times.


A fundamental part of WS is to dialogue, co-evolve, collaborate and co-create with others of like-heart and like-mind in order to evolve the “new model” together. If you feel called, then join us then reach out to us here join@worldshift.earth.

© Copyright 2009 Nicolya Christi/WORLDSHIFT

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