The Global Crisis – Reclaiming the Earth – Our Home

Our world is in crisis. A global political system that is both archaic and entirely dysfunctional now needs to be brought to a close.

The world is spiralling further and further out of control … devolving … not evolving.

Assaults on the Earth, and in Space, (for example space rubbish and degenerative technology) are exacerbating. 5G, with its detrimental impact on all life forms is now a reality with 20,000 satellites poised in space saturating the earth in dangerous frequencies.

Deforestation, fracking and the blocking of the Sun’s rays from the Earth are just some of the catastrophic practices taking place across the globe. The crisis our planet is confronting includes the extinction of multiple species, declarations of ‘climate emergency’, landfill out of control, and the destruction of the Natural World.

AND, simultaneously, we are living in the time of a mass conscious awakening and this brings unprecedented opportunities for global transformation on a scale never before experienced. We may be on the edge of a devolutionary tipping point, but … we are also on the brink of an evolutionary new dawn.

As we navigate our way along a precarious tightrope that denotes the current rise or fall of our collective condition, we need guidance and direction … a new compass that charts the course for the times ahead. Now more than ever, we need to be reminded of just who we really are … and to realise that as an empowered and unified macrocosm we can effect positive and whole-scale global transformation.

The sobering reality is that our unconscious collusion with a dysfunctional global system contributes to its cause. As mere cogs in the wheel of a maximum human productivity machine that rules unconscious society our compliance not only exacerbates but supports the grip this has on the world.

We may be unwitting contributors to the cause of a now critical situation, but WE are also the solution. When enough of us are joined in compassionate, wise and visionary action then it is game over for the global dysfunctional system.

Our great awakening is not only empowering and liberating but brings the very real potential for a radical turning point that can bring an end to our current condition as we co-evolve and co-create a new era in which the love of power gives way to the Power of Love.

We need to apply skilfulness and mindfulness and to remain centred and calm as we walk the most rocky of roads to make our way into a new epoch that is led by the heart. Only by joining together in consciousness, truth and love can we manifest the reality of a new age of peace and wellbeing for all of life.

The measures we must take to separate ourselves from a devolutionary system may appear to be polarising at times as we engage in a necessary yet uncomfortable phase of purging. Yet, one step back can ultimately enable us to take a giant leap forward as humankind.

Referring, again, to this inspirational quote by Greta Thunberg – “Our house is on fire, we need to act as if we were in crisis because we are. How clearly this illustrates the situation we now find ourselves in. If our world is considered to be ‘a great house’, then we have left its upkeep to unruly toddlers and teens, and thus it is falling into disrepair, disrepute, and ruin. This is what the ‘children in suits and white coats’, who WE have put in charge, are doing to our world.

It is time to take back our house, and WE, as conscious and conscientious parents, must re-claim it, sort out this chaos, and put out the fire.

We need to do this NOW, for the love of Life and the love of our planet.

We need to secure a peaceful, sustainable and harmonious future for all of life on this beautiful Earth.

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