Conscious evolution can be defined as both a philosophy and a movement. It speaks of our capacity for conscious engagement with our own (and the world’s) evolutionary process/trajectory and releases us from the belief that what unfolds in our lives is merely random. We come to realise that for the most part we are (meant to be) in the driving seat of our lives. So, rather than being disempowered ‘victims’ of circumstance, we can choose to dis-identify from this myth and identify instead with the reality that we are empowered creators of our own destinies and conscious co-creators of a new paradigm.

Conscious evolution is an evolutionary phenomenon that has been emerging in the world for more than one hundred years. The term appears to have been coined by the pioneer and philosopher Mary Parker Follett, who wrote the following in 1918 in the language of the times: Conscious evolution means giving less and less place to herd instinct and more to the group imperative. We are emerging from our gregarious condition and are now to enter the rational way of living by scanning our relations to one another, instead of bluntly feeling them; and so by adjusting these, unimpeded progress on this higher plane is secured.

Conscious evolution compels the individual, the group, and the collective, to consciously evolve through choice not by chance. A new way of living and being can manifest when our heart and will are directed towards serving the highest good of all. This is made possible when the underlying influences that determine our personal and collective stories are understood and cleared.

Studies reveal that ‘epigenetics’ (which equates to something other than and beyond genetics) are influenced by the places we live, the weather of the country in which we were born, (even if we no longer reside there), the climate of our present location, the conditions of our immediate environment, the stories of our own lives, and the historical experiences and environments of our ancestors. Further research has shown that our DNA is also influenced by our everyday thoughts, actions, words, deeds, emotions, feelings, and intentions.

Millions of people are beginning to understand how the impact of our personal and collective (including ancestral and karmic) history can and does shape our lives for ‘better’ or ‘worse’, and that by releasing repetitive and sabotaging patterns at a cellular level the Self has more freedom to evolve.

Evolutionary consciousness equates to the co-evolving and co-creation of regenerative values, humanitarian ethos, restorative practices that heal broken connections, and the transcending of the culture mediums of fear, disconnection, disassociation and reaction, all of which keep us locked in separation. Conscious evolution holds an ultimate vision of the unification of humanity through the healing and clearing of genetically inherited predispositions that disconnect from ourselves, each other, society, and the natural world. The evolutionary ‘base element’ that is conscious evolution facilitates an alchemical process, which, through conscious awareness and connection, can transform our lives into gold.


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