In these very early days, WS is looking to build and establish its core team.

If you feel that you have the following skills and would like to gift these through WS to humanity, Nature and the Earth, then contact us directly at

Together, we can support the co-evolution and co-creation of a new conscious paradigm in which peace and harmony reign for ALL life.

If you feel called to take on one of the following roles, we would love to hear from you:

WS PA – This role involves all the skills and activities of a professional PA (Personal Assistant). You will be assisting the core team.

WS PR – This role requires an experienced public relations specialist who can handle the PR for WS.

WS Social Media Specialist – We are looking for an individual or a closely knit SM team to handle all WS’s social media activities.

WS Graphic Designer/s – To create WS banners, logos, posters etc for the website, social media and grassroots events.

WS Grassroots Co-ordinator/Director/s – Ideally, this would be someone (or a team) skilled in organising, coordinating and managing events at a grassroots level.

WS Videographers/Photographers – A global team of videographers and photographers are required to capture worldshifting moments, as well as the creation and production of WS videos, films and documentaries.

WS Admin Department – We are looking for someone to join us who is well organised and experienced in this role.

WS Research Team – A team of individuals working together to research and collate worldshifting news for publishing on the WS website and social media platforms and for supporting forthcoming campaigns.

WS Events Organiser/s – An individual or team that can manage WS bookings for conferences, speaking events, webinars, and festivals, etc. This role also includes organising travel arrangements and itineraries.

WS is a non-profit charity status organisation and is therefore run by volunteers. By giving unconditionally from the heart and soul our lives become more enriched and we can draw to ourselves the most unexpected acts of kindness and benevolence. We hope you will join our WS Family.