Erin Brokovich Law Firm Joins Wireless Radiation Lawsuit

Due to the imminent threat 5G poses not just to us and all life on earth, but also to our democracy (5G will enable IoT, self driving cars, home surveillance in real time, etc., etc.), we are suing the FCC and also naming the ADA and Telecom Act which prohibits environmental effects from blocking antennas and towers but has been interpreted by governments and courts to also include health, meaning you cannot use health effects as reason to block a cell antenna or tower. This is despite the US National Toxicology Programs findings of clear evidence of statistically significant carcinogenic effects from wireless radiation emitting devices and infrastructure. The FCC and Telecom Act are basically mandating the exposure to a known carcinogen, neurotoxin and genotoxin. We believe this to me immoral let alone illegal. And so we are finally taking legal action against the FCC and Telecom Act. We also may be adding other violations to this suit.

We have who we believe to be the #1 attorney in the US for blocking cell towers and antennas in the US (we have used him twice successfully to block towers in our area). But the really exciting news is that since this attorney is in NY and we are in California, we had to partner with a CA law firm, so we have partnered with none other than the law firm from the film Erin Brokovich! This is the firm that sued PG&E for poisoning families, lying to them about it and giving them cancer and they beat PG&E!

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