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Declare Yourself an Earth Protector

Please sign up as a guardian of the Earth.

This is your opportunity to declare where you stand and what you stand for: a healthy planet safe from harm. And this is your opportunity to become a ‘legal Earth Protector’.

If you are a frontline Conscientious Protector risking arrest to protect your community and the Earth from ecocide, this document can be used if required to verify your status as a legal Earth Protector in a court of law. While the content of the Trust Fund documents is not stored in the blockchains, the proofs of the integrity, existence and ownership of such content can be independently verified by anyone, whether it be a sysadmin, a judge in court, a digital forensic or a lawyer.

When you become an Earth Protector you are making a public statement. You’re saying you believe that ecocide is a crime, and that international law should reflect this. Sign up to become an Earth Protector. Signing up as an Earth Protector grants you legal status and legally protects you in a court of law regarding your efforts as a peaceful activist protesting for the rights of our Earth.

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  • In my opinion one does not need to make any other statement to prove one is an Earth Protector than to read the following sentences and following up what is asked:

    Each human being with a mobile telephone number should realize that this number is a membership of the multi-trillion dollars telecom industry, an economical fascist industry, and with this number one is supporting this fascist industry, the genocide in Congo, the child slavery in Congo, and by continuing the mobile account one is pressing this industry to create 5G, and even 6G, 7G. It will be endless.

    The only way to stop this insanity is to stop the personal membership of the mobile industry, by stopping the personal mobile number there, to delete the account. Arthur Firstenberg explains this in the video:
    The entire video is a call for letting go your smartphone. There is NO other solution. You want to save our planet? Let go your smartphone. I can. You can. We can. Aslong we have a choice there is future. According to Dr. Martin L. Pall we have 5 to 7 years left after the rollout of 5G.
    Link to the article about Dr. Martin L. Pall:

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