Without a doubt, humanity is now confronting an environmental, ecological, socio-political, psychological, spiritual and existential crisis. However, for a consciously evolving collective, this crisis also creates a unique opportunity to initiate the next phase of our evolution.

The reality is that there is now a significant threat to the survival of both humanity and Nature. Fundamentally, this is because the human race has continued to impose its dominant (and what it believes to be ’superior’) will over all species on Mother Earth. Throughout history, this state of ignorance has dictated the relationship between us and the natural world because of the mistaken belief by some that any form of life unable to speak with a human tongue must be inferior. This misconception extends to all life yet could not be further from the truth, as science has now proved. All living beings are sentient and all life forms are an intelligent communicative force of Nature. Together, we form an instrumental part of the Web of Life that is the planetary eco-system – connecting all of Life on this Earth.

There is a new ‘buzzword’ in town – “eco-anxiety”. Yet, we might also add a term that we at WS call “Global Crisis Anxiety” (GCA). Both of these terms are relevant to the concerns that we all feel in relation to the current events playing out in our world. Unless we initiate radical new policies and regenerative practices and take appropriate action on a mass scale, then, realistically, we will not be able to turn this situation around.

Essentially, conscious activism amounts to any action that has altruistic motives and is guided primarily by an intelligent evolutionary compass such as the Six Core Values for an Evolving World and/or the Twelve Foundation Stones for a New Paradigm. These types of models encourage us to define and redefine our response and response-ability to the crises we are facing.They pave the way for mindful engagement with the world and support us to effect positive change and whole system transformation. Some may express conscious activism through prayer. Others may consciously send out waves of love, harmony and light to the world as well as strength to those who have chosen to enter the eye of the storm in peaceful protest for the rights of All. Whatever role we are fulfilling in this ‘great Work’, as long as we are inspired by evolutionary maps such as those highlighted above, we are making a difference in the world.

Conscious activism is essentially the act of consciously caring and mindfully loving – being the change we wish to see in the world. And if enough of us are engaged in this as a daily practice then just as spots of ink spread across blotting paper, so it is that our individual efforts will collectively spread across the world. In this way, we can turn this situation around.

The path to personal and global transformation is a conscious and mindful one and continually reminds us of a fundamental truth – that Love and Love alone is the answer to everything.

In any endeavour, when we position ourselves in consciousness, truth and love and refuse to be part of anything that fosters or supports duality, polarisation and separation, then we really can move mountains.

The evolutionary compass we each need to hold in our hands has four primary directions: Heart, Will, Soul and Soil: These are our North (soul), South (soil), East (heart) and West (will). This is the compass of conscious activism and will guide us into a new conscious paradigm in which all the realms that live on this beautiful Earth can co-exist in harmony, peace and equality.

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