The time has come for WorldShift.Earth to bow out gracefully.

WS.Earth was originally birthed out of WorldShift Movement, a platform launched in 2010 and subsequently taken offline in 2012 due to lack of resources.

WS Movement re-launched as WS.Earth in May 2019 but has become increasingly associated with another unrelated world-shift website that has different directives, objectives, and associations. Further recent developments have also made it difficult for WS.Earth to establish itself as the unique and independent platform it is. Also, given that WS Movement was launched over ten years ago, WS.Earth carries an old pre-December 2012 imprint and energy.

However, the evolutionary Call of conscious awakening continues to inspire individuals, communities, nations, the world, and even initiatives; and therefore it is wise to respond in such a way that supports an unfolding into the more than we each are.

An entirely new energy, new Being, is now preparing for birth as a visionary and inspirational initiative in Service of LOVE and this beautiful Planet we call Home – EARTH.
*Details will be announced shortly on social media and here.

Thank You for being part of WorldShift.Earth.