The Healing Power of Illness

Your life is trying to tell you something. It’s speaking in symptoms and chance events, illness and accidents. Learning its language can help you dissolve old patterns and transform the way you live. That’s the view of Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, … More »

5G WiFi network radiation hazards

Take part in the global day of action against 5G on Saturday, July 27th 2019. Acting in solidarity with citizen groups in over 150 U.S. cities, our goal is to both raise awareness and educate our fellow citizens with legitimate … More »

The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit

The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit is online and FREE from August 26 – September 1, 2019. You may have heard of 5G, it stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry … More »

We’re pushing back against 5G!

JOIN US SATURDAY JULY 27TH! Efforts to push back against the deployment of 5G are gaining momentum in Congress, in the media, and in communities across the nation. You can help grow this movement by joining a rally in your … More »

EMF Health Summit

Are Cell Phones, Wifi, and Other Common Electronic Devices Poisoning Your Environment, Harming Your children, and Causing a Long List of Serious Diseases Including Cancer? Thousands of Independent Studies Say YES… Here’s What You Can Do About It… Join the … More »

Eden Festival of Action

Every June/July, the Greenpop Festival of Action brings people together from around the globe to learn, connect, give back and get active. Join us for 1, 2 or 3 weeks of collaborative action! Participate in environmental workshops, connect with like-minded … More »