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Professor Martin Pall interview:

The Body Electric Summit is online and FREE

From October 7-13, 2019. Your body is more than a set of biochemical interactions. It is time to see your body as ENERGY. Join us and learn precisely how you can ACCESS that energy, as part of your health journey … More »

5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective

This book is an astonishing offering by Martin Pall PhD, and is FREE to those signing up for one of the most important online Summits of 2019, which starts today and runs for a week – and is also FREE … More »

5G country activity A-Z

This section is primarily for national news and initiatives outside the main countries listed, and refers to local conditions. Source:

WorldShift 5G Guidelines

The world is now confronted with the perilous 5G scenario, the threat of which not only humanity, but all of life are now facing. Scientists and doctors across the globe have called for a full investigation into its effects by … More »

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