5G country activity A-Z

This section is primarily for national news and initiatives outside the main countries listed, and refers to local conditions. Source:

WorldShift 5G Guidelines

The world is now confronted with the perilous 5G scenario, the threat of which not only humanity, but all of life are now facing. Scientists and doctors across the globe have called for a full investigation into its effects by … More »

To bee, or not to bee, that is the five “G” question

The collective evidence we can draw from the current scientific status regarding adverse health and biological effects of artificial electromagnetic field exposures, such as from cell phones, antennas/base stations, TV and radio towers, babyalarms, smart meters, powerlines, and WiFi routers, … More »

EMF Conference 2019

Recognize, Evaluate and Treat Diagnosis and Treatment: Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Exposure is a first of its kind conference to teach providers how to recognize, evaluate, and treat signs and symptoms related to exposure to wireless radiation. Common symptoms that … More »

STOP 5G Global

Hello again STOP 5G Global Community ! Thank you again for Signing & Sharing our Petition. Get Free access to Livestream of our 30th May Event with Max Igan & Barrister Ray Broomhall, Paul Seils & Jessie Reimers etc by … More »

EMR Class action

A Class Action Lawsuit is in the process of being filed on behalf of the citizens of Australia. It addresses those entities within Government and industry seen to be failing in their duty to protect the public from harmful electromagnetic … More »

5G Legal Action

Concerned Danish citizens are now suing the Danish State for planning the implementation and roll out of 5G throughout Denmark by the year 2020, which has not been tested in relation to the health of people, especially the harmful effects … More »

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