WORLDSHIFT is an independent evolutionary initiative offering itself as a way-shower and guiding light in these critical yet auspicious times. Its roots are to be found in ‘WorldShift Movement’ out of which it has evolved. It has no previous or present affiliation with any other ‘world shift’ organisation or body. WORLDSHIFT invites collaboration with humanitarian and altruistic individuals and initiatives whose values demonstrate and uphold the Six Core Values and Twelve Foundation Stones. Conscious evolution and conscious activism are at its core. Consciousness and activism aligned in goodness, kindness, mindfulness, empathy, respect, integrity and transparency become primary guiding principles and influences for the co-creation and co-establishing of an empowered, visionary and unified humanity; an actively progressive and more enlightened global society; and a consciously awakened and compassionately connected world.

This Initiative is dedicated to the late Poet-Philosopher, John Jay Ramsay, the late Futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and the late ‘Lawyer for the Earth’, Polly Higgins.


WorldShift Comment

Boris Johnson’s first speech as the UK’s new Prime Minister includes plans for what are effectively crimes against the Eco-System, Nature and Humanity – ECOCIDE.

The only way to ensure that political and agenda-driven ecocidal policies are NOT put into effect is to both individually and collectively refuse to accept or participate in such.

In the coming weeks, WS will be launching two major campaigns to this effect.

Stay connected, aware, informed, autonomous and empowered –

We Were Born for These Times.